Get Paid to Promote

Now that our website is up and running, I want to make it profitable for people to promote us.

Starting today, December 3, 2011 – anyone who purchases a Variety 5-Pack Gift Collection as a result of your referral – you will receive a $10 cash reward.

If you plan to participate in this Promotion – visit our Contact Us page and send a message to include your intention to participate and mailing address.

All we are asking is that you share our Variety 5 Pack Flyer with your friends, family and associates. If they purchase the 5-pack Gift Collection – you’ll receive your cash reward.

There is no limit to the number of 5-Pack Gift Collections that can be purchased – you will receive $10 x the number of Gift Collections purchased as a result of your referral.

If you have any questions about how all of this works, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Offer Ends December 31, 2011

All the best!


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We are Live!!

Welcome to the new Platinum Gift Solutions site! This has been a tidious process, but I’m happy to say we are done…for now.

There will be some upgrades from time to time. But for now, the structure that I wanted to build has been built.

The purpose of this site is to increase Platinum Gift Solutions’ Visibility and Credibility as a resource for individuals and organizations that value giving as a way to show their appreciation.

I welcome you to check out each section of this site:

For information on how place an order, Contact Us or Visit our Purchase Page (You will need a password to access this page so Contact us for that).

I look forward to being a resource for you.

Thanks for your support.

All the best,


PS. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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